£71,000 for a week in Cornwall? No thank you - we're compers!

Did you hear this week about the ridiculous amounts holiday cottage owners are charging in the UK?  A father wanted to take his three children for a lovely seaside holiday in Cornwall and found that he would have to pay over £70,000 for just a week!

But when so many promoters are giving away gorgeous UK breaks for free why let ourselves be taken advantage of?

Today we've found:


  • £1,000 worth of Sykes Holiday Cottages vouchers

  • A two-night stay in Bath

  • Your own motorhome and £30,000

  • Or a stay in a coastal hotel with £1,000 thrown in

Now, it's the big match this evening and Dave's immediate happiness depends on an England win so I'm hoping with all my heart that it goes well. I'm staying well clear and taking my father a bread-and-butter pudding instead.

But before I set off, there are some quick and easy competitions to enter with prizes like:

  • A £6,000 holiday and £50,000 in cash

  • An Asda voucher worth £1,000 and

  • A hot tub

Lastly, I want to share a tip that I've learned over the years. If you want to bid on an online auction - do it while England is playing in a major football match. Trust me - you'll probably be the only one bidding. During the World Cup I bought two new DFS sofas worth £3,000 for just £10!

Even if we don't win tonight, I hope there will be some good prizes coming home to you.  But you have to enter first!

Here they are ready and waiting.

Good luck.

Lizzie Riley

Editor, Coffee Break Winner