£1,000, to spend in John Lewis, a Northern Lights holiday and a Cheltenham country house escape await you this morning

I loved the Hurst Media competition this morning to win 250g of caviar worth £249 because when would you every buy caviar for yourself - especially at that price? We were given a pot when Alex was a toddler and I explained that they were tiny fish eggs. Then he asked me for two of them hard boiled in his special badger eggcup!

Have you ever wanted to see the Northern Lights? It's an adventure that's been on Dave's wish list for many years so I'm definitely entering the new Daily Star competition to win a £1,500 holiday in Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

And even if we don't win, I will have signed up to receive the new Spaced Out Magazine which, according to the Star, brings you:

"the extraterrestrial stories you need in your life - delivered straight to your inbox."

Yes, I need those extraterrestrial stories.

I'm off to finish Puzzles4Prizes now so I'll give you the link here to get started on all the weekend competitions.

Good luck!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner