Become a golfing legend and meet a Bolly Bus in a fairy-tale castle

Your Weekend Winner is a bit of a boozy one this week with four chances to win beer, two whisky prizes as well as rum, gin and champagne. I can't see you wanting to drink a lot in this heat, but they would be brilliant prizes to stash away for Christmas.

The Mirror's got a prize today where you can be a legend amongst golfing legends like Ian Woosnam. You will actually be playing at the Legends Tour Golf Tournament at the end of the month. Although this experience is worth £2,000, I would say it's priceless and I don't even like golf.

Lots of us can't get away this year because UK holidays are so fully booked but competition promoters have already booked their prize getaways and are just waiting for them to be won. Like the Sunday Times which has a break at the five-star Culloden Estate and Spa in Northern Ireland.

The hotel looks like a fairy-tale castle with turrets and roses, and they even have a Bolly Bus in their gardens, where you can be served delicious Bollinger champagne whenever you feel the need.

Dave needs to install a Bolly Bus in our garden as a matter of urgency.

I hope you have ten minutes free today to enter your Weekend Comps because the team will be adding several hundred more for you this week as usual, so you'll be busy.

Good luck to you today and hope you enjoy this beautiful weather!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner