Explore London, Yorkshire and the beautiful West coast of Scotland

've just had the shock of my life when reading my 11-year-old's end of term school newsletter. 

Under the heading, 'Holiday Work To Be Completed' was a description of a new two-storey toilet and changing room block to be built and fitted out. I know kids nowadays are pretty resourceful but that's quite a summer project for them!

Now the summer holidays have started I can't think of a better prize than Capital FM's champagne cooler, hot tub and speaker. Sounds like a blissful combination in this beautiful weather.

Less attractive to me because of my total absence of sea legs is the cruise around the West coast of Scotland, thanks to Channel 5. If the sea isn't too hilly it would be a stunning experience but I'm not risking it.

You'll find a brilliant crop of prizes today like, UK breaks, concert tickets, watches, jewellery and cash so find a shady tree and get your name down for the latest prizes.

Good luck!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner