Get your cat on the property ladder, swim in a cask of whisky and get some much-needed legal advice...

I do laugh at myself sometimes with the ridiculous devotion I show to my cats. From leaving poster paints out so they can express their feelings through art to putting a photo of me next to them if I have to go out for the afternoon. One prize today makes me feel a bit better though - it's a litter tray designed like a proper house. And the best part is that you get to choose whether they have an Edwardian, Tudor or Victorian house so their little house can match yours.

But on a very serious note, there is a £1,650 cask of premium malt whisky to win. I'm pretty sure that a cask is so big you could actually get in and properly pickle yourself.  Hurst Media, who run weekly competitions in all the weekend papers, have also got an ergonomic desk chair to win worth £1,175. As someone who works on the sofa curled up in a ball this would be very welcome in our house.

They're also offering a six-month flower subscription for fresh flowers delivered to your door. You could use these to take part in the new Instagram fashion of posing your flowers in the sink and taking a 'sinkie'. My sink isn't very glamorous though, so I'd put them on the windowsill and take a 'silly' instead.

Anyway, I'll leave you to crack on with all your comping today. There's Weekend Winner and Puzzles4Prizes to do today but do take a moment to contemplate some of the dafter prizes.

Good luck!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner