Here's your chance to own a business, a £995 pendant and a cure for anxious pooches!

There're plenty of adventures out there if you're a comper. Today, we've found you a chance to win a treasure hunt and a taster session in a water sport of your choice for the family. Or the chance to become a business owner with Mooey's beauty products.

I love the fact that comping can enrich your life and, in some cases, change it for the better.

But I'm going for all the nice, quiet prizes today to achieve a little haven of peace in all the chaos of the kids' summer holidays. The latest novels are on offer as well as a pampering bath set worth over £200.

See what other prizes you can bag from the weekend's haul and please remember to let me know what you're winning because we would love to celebrate with you.


Editor, Coffee Break Winner