How to live the good life even on a low salary...

It really doesn't matter if you don't earn much when there are so many chances to win expensive and luxurious prizes every single day.

If you're organised with your comping, you have the chance to boost your normal income significantly.

I always find Christmas a bit of a struggle financially so I'm going to dedicate two hours a week to win as many Christmas presents as I can to ease the pressure.

This morning we've found some amazing prizes for you including:

  • Two Chromebooks

  • A Google Nest hub

  • An iPhone 12

  • Three pairs of Apple Airpods

  • Two iPad Airs

  • A Range Rover Sport and nearly £100,000 in cash

Set yourself a target today with the number of comps you are going to enter and by Christmas you will be totting up your wins with a huge smiley face. I just know it!

Good luck with your Wednesday competitions.


Editor, Coffee Break Winner