I'm running away to Herefordshire!

Hello Ilse,

Working on Coffee Break Winner and Prize Studio every day I've become a bit blasé about the enormously valuable prizes on offer every day and the sheer quantity. In Prize Studio this week, for example, we've found a £20,000 home gym, Prada and Gucci handbags and thousands of pounds in cash. Which is all very wonderful - it really is. But one prize has really captured my imagination this morning and made me think about my life.

It's run by Woodee, which is a group of different artists ranging from glassblowers and beekeepers to blacksmiths and traditional joiners - all working with local and sustainable materials in Herefordshire. It sounds idyllic and as I've done a lot of silversmithing I might see if they need a jewellery range too. Dave would have to come as well obviously!

Anyway, The Woodee's prize is an amazing handmade ornate firepit which is a work of art in itself but they are also offering a beautiful Cornishware teaset and sustainably-made log bundles. In fact, £813-worth of treasures in just one prize. But somehow it means so much more than a five-star holiday in Barbados or any of the really high-value prizes we usually see. It's shown me what I love!

Enough chatting! Today in your Wednesday prizes you'll also see:

  • A tour of the Tower of London with £1000 cash thrown in too

  • A walking holiday in beautiful Scotland

  • £500 to splash at Marks & Spencer and a spa day

  • And £15,000 in cash

See what stirs your interest among today's prizes. But now, I must be off to look up train times to Dorstone in Herefordshire!