Journey deep into the Antarctic on a £15,000 expedition!

Dig out your thermals! The Times has just published a once-in-a-lifetime competition to travel around the Antarctic for eleven days watching whales of all kinds on their winter migration.

A little less cold (but only a little) is a £1,000 holiday in the beautiful Isle of Skye. Or what about a family holiday in Orlando? That would definitely win you the Popular Parent/Grandparent award!

I was intrigued by one of the prizes this weekend - it's a bright and bobbly chain to dangle your glasses from when you're not wearing them. And it's £120 to buy if you're so inclined.

I couldn't decide whether I liked them or if they were a bit too Prue Leith, but they have given me an idea. Because I do all my puzzles on the sofa, I tend to lose my pens down the gaps and Dave recently pulled out 44 of the elusive blighters. So, I'm going to try to win one of these chains and attach all my pens to it. I don't care if I look like Mr T from The A Team. I shall never be without a pen again.

My children think the very best prize from the weekend's haul is the quad bike worth £1,300. What they don't realise is that if they win it, it will be Dave and me playing on it while they are all at school!

Good luck with all your weekend competitions!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner