Live it up in Mayfair or enjoy a literary tour with Giles Brandreth!

I've just got all excited about the literary tour prize with Giles Brandreth and then I saw that it was for seven nights. I'm sure he's a nice man and all, but seven days with him might be a bit 'de trop' as he would probably say.

Tour Radar, on the other hand, has a very welcome holiday worth up to £4,411 to Italy, Croatia or Slovenia - some of the world's most beautiful areas.

There are also spa breaks, city breaks and a visit to Yorkshire on offer today. And even a night at Brown's in Mayfair! But I don't know why I'm getting all enthusiastic - after four days in Lyme Regis with our stroppy teenagers, Dave and I have decided never to go on holiday again.

We'll be going for the Google Pixel phone, the iPhone and the £28,319 prizes. Much, much safer for us.

Enjoy browsing the prizes this morning and cross your fingers that the sunshine stays.

Good luck!


Editor, Coffee Break Winner