The many ways to spoil the father figure in your life

As a dedicated competition researcher, I've been noticing that there's always a special day that promoters think up as a reason to offer a competition. Not that I'm complaining - I love any reason at all although I did chuckle at International Cup Cake Day.

With Father's Day on the horizon, you'll find loads of prizes to make someone feel very special, like a gardener's gift set worth over £250 and a stay at the Oasis-themed rooms at the new hotel on Soho's Berwick Street plus breakfast. Here you'll find original items owned by the Gallagher brothers from Oasis to bring back those heady 1990s musical memories.

As long as this amazing prize doesn't encourage Dave to sing, we should be fine. I'm definitely entering!

I need to finish off the listings for tomorrow's Puzzles4Prizes extravaganza, so I'll leave you in peace to get your entries in.

Good luck!

Lizzie Riley

Editor, Coffee Break Winner