Time to scoop £10,000 in cash, a £500 hair pamper package and one particular prize that's priceless!

I want to give you a little example of my daughter's humour, based on my occasional alleged grumpiness. 

Why does it take three menopausal women to change a lightbulb?

Because it just does!!

My children are trying to keep my spirits up during this tricky time of life and though I appreciate their humour, some practical solutions might be more helpful. And thanks to a brilliant competition this weekend I think we've found it. You can win one of ten LadyCare natural devices that reduce irritability by up to 71%.

I just wish they would come up with a version for teenagers.

With more universal appeal, we've found another £10,000 cash competition and one to win one of ten £2,000 sea cruises and both have a free entry route.

Lots of healthy food prizes this week and the chance to enjoy a private cook-along for two with the Michelin-starred chef, Daniel Galmiche!

Thirty-two brand-new competitions await you this morning and you can get comping straight away by clicking here.

Good luck!

Lizzie Riley

Editor, Coffee Break Winner