Try your luck in Las Vegas and splash ten grand on a new car!

We're so very near the end of our last lockdown - even if it's slightly extended - life feels like it's getting back to normal again. Although Dave won't hear of getting on a plane at the moment our children really need their first holiday in five years, so we were extra delighted at the prizes this morning.

You could be enjoying two nights at Scotland's most luxurious hotel, The Balmoral - with its huge marble bathrooms and indoor pools. They serve hundreds of different kinds of malt whiskeys and because it's so central in Edinburgh you can walk to the castle and the station. Maybe in a wiggly line after a few tots!

Classic FM has an overnight trip to the Cheltenham Music Festival on offer - even if music isn't your thing, you still get to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous spa town with its grand regency buildings and parks.

And of course, being a Wednesday there's lots of cash to win. £52,000 to be precise and that's not including a prize of £10,000 to spend on your next car.

All in all, a pretty good Wednesday so have a look here to see what else catches your eye in today's prize haul.

Good luck.

Lizzie Riley

Editor, Coffee Break Winner