Win £20,000 worth of tech and footbally prizes, a modelling contract and some giggling knickers

I do love the randomness of the prizes you can win nowadays. Thirty years ago, prizes would be plain-speaking and slightly modest like a set of saucepans or a trip to the zoo. These days you can win a modelling contract to launch your career and maybe change your life.

If you're model material, it's definitely worth exploring The Sun competition because included is a Love Island-style holiday and maybe a new glittering future.

But for the rest of us, there are plenty of other opportunities to live the high life with prizes such as:

  • A cashmere wrap worth £245

  • A luxurious break at the Rosewood in London

  • A case of premium Australian wine

  • One of five cocktail selection boxes and Thai street food delivered to your door every Friday

To make sure you have a chance at winning up to £100,000 you need to look out for the Daily Mail next Saturday and find your free scratch card inside.

If you're lucky you could be the proud new owner of an Atco lawnmower worth over £1,100.

And if you're really lucky you could win a pair of Giggle knickers!

Have a good look here.


Editor, Coffee Break Winner