Changes to competitions with No Purchase Necessary entry routes

Changes to competitions with no purchase necessaryAs you browse the supermarket aisles or shop shelves, you're guaranteed to come across products offering competitions on their packaging. That's because most companies want to do everything possible to attract you to their brand.

However, did you also know that before the Gambling laws changed in 2007, these companies had to offer a No Purchase Necessary entry method to enter their competitions too (usually mentioned in the tiniest of small print)? That meant that if you were a savvy comper, you could take a pen into the supermarket or shop with you, and write down the No Purchase Necessary competition entry details, without paying a penny for the product!

Yet this all changed on 1st September 2007, when the Gambling, Betting and Gaming laws in Great Britain were replaced by a single, more comprehensive structure, which affected No Purchase Necessary competitions dramatically. As a result of the changes in the law, companies were no longer required to provide a No Purchase Necessary entry method for their competitions.

To enter many shop or supermarket competitions now, you may have to purchase high value or branded items to get your code or entry form - which can definitely create a hole in a compers purse! That's why, when entering this type of competition, it's absolutely vital to check the small print, not only to see whether the company provides a No Purchase Necessary entry method (which it may still do), but to check the prizes are really worth the cost to enter the competition.

However it's not all bad news! Although there are fewer No Purchase Necessary competitions around, this law had a beneficial effect on competitions found in other places such as on television and in the newspapers. As many of these promoters now provide a "free" to enter method for their big money competitions (such as online or postal entries), it is now much cheaper to enter some of the biggest and best prizes around - an area which Coffee Break Winner specialises in! 

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