How to win television competitions with Coffee Break Winner

On television every day there are competitions to be won. In fact it seems most channels, whether they show drama, comedy or music shows, always have a big prize giveaway on the go. The only problem is that these competitions are usually sandwiched between the dullest of daytime television shows, which you have to watch to catch the competition details. It's the perfect way to make people watch these sometimes awful programmes!

But what if you could still enter all these TV competitions without having to sit through hours of these programmes? That's where Coffee Break Winner comes in!

We bring you ALL of the competitions featured on the major television channels, including all of the cash competitions from ITV's daytime shows. Don't want to watch Dickinson's Real Deal or This Morning, but you want to win the thousands of pounds in cash the show gives away? Don't worry - Coffee Break Winner has it covered! And that's the same for the comps from television shows like Daybreak, Loose Women, The X Factor, Take Me Out and more!

And it's simple to enter these television competitions too - you don't even have to reach for the remote! All you have to do to is log on to our password protected website and follow the instructions in our competitions section. We even provide you with the questions and answers as well. So all that's left for you to do is enter your details and cross your fingers - who knows, that £20,000 cash prize from This Morning might have your name on it!

If you want to start winning television competitions for free today, then click here for our 28-day free trial - you too could be winning big prize competitions like these we've featured recently:

£20,000 cash and a shopping trip to New York for six people
From the television programme This Morning

£31,000 cash
From the television programme Daybreak

£12,000 cash and three designer handbags
From the television programme Loose Women

And Coffee Break Winner members really do win big television competitions like these. Tony from Wigan, for example, recently pocketed a whopping £50,000 cash!

"Just received cheque for £50,000. Still cannot believe that I have won so much! It's mind-boggling. I suppose I will just have to get on and start spending it!"

So why not join Tony and win television competitions for yourself with Coffee Break Winner.

Click here for your 28-day free trial and you can start entering TV comps right away.