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Entering Daily Competitions - Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions so that we can help you quickly and you can get back to what you love - comping!

If you are completely new to Coffee Break Winner this page is for you as it tells you all the things you need to know about the world of comping and how to get the most out of your Coffee Break Winner.

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How to win daily competitions - Getting Started

Welcome to your Coffee Break Winner guide, with everything you need to know about entering competitions.  Remember, the competitions we feature are not open for long. So make sure you log on every day to get the very best from Coffee Break Winner and enter brand new competitions that most people don't get to see - with the very best prizes at your fingertips, who knows what you could win...

Good luck!

How to enter competitions

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning you will receive your Coffee Break Winner email with details of all the great competitions that we feature on the site. 

Accessing your daily competitions

1. You will need to log-in to the Coffee Break Winner website using the email address you registered with and your unique password.

2. Once the password is entered, you will be taken to the 'Daily Competitions' page - where you will find everything you need to enter brand new competitions.

3. You will find a list of daily competitions for you to enter and we provide any questions and answers that you might need.  Simply follow the entry instructions for each competition using the web link, email address, phone or text number that we give you.

4. The closing date and time are noted with the entry details so make sure you check before you enter the competition.

5. You can also look back on previously featured competitions that are still open - so you won't have to miss out if you can't get to your computer for any reason.  You can also view all previously featured competitions which have closed for entries, so you can keep an eye on what you've entered.

6. Add the site to 'your favourites' so that it's readily available.  To do this, click on the 'Add to favourites' button from the main menu.  Next time you open your browser, simply click on the favourites tab and select 'Coffee Break Winner' form the list.

What you need to know

We just know you're going to love your Coffee Break Winner site - and it's so easy to use!  It's filled with loads of great, untapped competitions that are only open for a short while and we get all the details you need to enter - even if it means we have to read every newspaper, listen to multiple radio stations at once and watch hours of daytime telly - we'll do all the hard work so that you don't have to!

Daily competitions

Each and every day from 11am the Coffee Break Winner 'Daily Competitions' page will bring you at least five new competitions with fantastic prizes for you to win.

All the competitions that we feature can be entered online, by email, phone or text so you can enter competitions on a daily basis, all in the time it takes to enjoy your coffee!

How to Enter Competitions - Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're new to comping or a seasoned comper, we've put together a number of frequently asked questions which will help make entering your daily competitions easier.

Where do I login?

Go to the top right corner of the home page and you'll find the login section.  Simply enter the email address that you registered with and your unique password to login.

What if I've forgotten my password?

Click on the "Forgot Password?" link and insert your email address to request a password reminder.

 How often are new competitions added?

Competitions are updated every day at 11am 

These will be listed on our Daily Competitions page under the Latest News tab. You can access the latest competitions plus any previously featured competitions.

Social Media competitions will be updated every Friday at 11am. These can be found on our Daily Competitions page under the #FRIDAY Top Social tab. To enter competitions on Facebook and Twitter you will most likely need a free account with the social networks which can be easily created by registering with the site when you follow a link.

Don't worry if you've not been able to get to your computer and enter your daily competitions ; you can check the latest competitions when you log in and view previously listed prizes in the Open tab - that way you won't miss out on any competitions still open for entry!

Can I enter competitions more than once?

Multiple entries are rarely allowed, however every competition has its own set of rules; the number of entries allowed is usually stated in the terms. 

When I start entering competitions, will I be bombarded by junk mail, emails and phone calls?

When you provide your name and address details for a competition entry you may be contacted again by the promoter or third party. So look out for the "opt out of further correspondence" clause to prevent this. This often appears in the form of a "tick box" on a competition web page. 

P.S. WE HATE SPAM so we don't list competitions from spam generators.

What if a link isn't working?

If you find that a link is not working, it's probably because the competition has closed and the promoter has removed it from their site.

Why do some competitions have entry costs?

Wherever there's a newspaper competition, there's usually a text entry to follow, This can be anything from your standard network rate up to £2.50

It saves the promoters going through bags of post to pick a winner and it allows for those short closing dates that we Coffee Break compers love.  Add that to the fact that most people don't bother to pick up their mobiles to enter - and you've got a recipe for success.  That's why we like to include them in your daily competitions. So flex those thumbs and text your way to some fantastic prizes.

Why can't I see all of today's competitions?

You may need to refresh your screen to update your page and see the latest competitions.

Do people really win competitions?

YES THEY DO! And I'm lucky enough to hear from winners every day. From small but valued prizes; vouchers, pampering goodies, DVDs and CDs through to the big ones; two weeks in St Lucia, a brand-new Mini and £15,000 cash - they're all happy they won with Coffee Break Winner. Take a look at our prize winners' stories and have a read of some real stories from winning compers!

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by email, phone or snail mail using the details below:

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